Flyzone Calypso Tx-R Review

Electric powered gliders offer a completely different experience for RC pilots. Graceful, sweeping aerobatics, extremely long flight times, and virtually silent operation make smaller models park-friendly while larger sailplanes can add new excitement to mountain passes and soaring ocean cliffs. Rob and Thayer take a close look at Flyzone’s Calypso foam creation and apply the trademark 5X5 inspection…


Intro and Flight Footage
5X5 Review Scoring



I first saw the Calypso at the Toledo Weak Signals show. It’s an attractive, simple powered glider that offers everything you’d need for park soaring and a bit beyond. Having swept wing tips, smooth lines, and easy access to powerplant, radio, and battery components the Calypso is a no-hassle grab-and-go airplane. Our Tx-R model was an easy assembly and in no time we were up and ready to fly.

Flight testing was done in Champaign, Illinois at the Champaign County RC Club on a bright, sunny day with gentle 3 MPH winds. The Calypso easily jumps from your hand and in no time we were soaring around on a day when the moon was clearly visible, adding to the fun of climbing the Calypso far into the afternoon skies and letting it do what gliders do best: searching for any little pocket of lift to squeeze out every minute of flight. If you’ve never flown a glider before, the Calypso is a good platform to get you familiar with how much fun gliding can be. The excitement is even greater as you seek out and ride the hill, thermal, or wave lifts found by mountainous terrain, cliff walls, and even seemingly from nowhere on a warm summer day above a farmers field.

Check out the details and scoring in the review videos and see if the Calypso is the right foam glider for you!


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Flyzone, distributed exclusively by Hobbico,, (800) 682-8948

5X5 Review Scoring

Model Characteristics

Build as Advertised:

Build Instructions and Advertised Difficulty...
5 / 5


Covering, Paint, Plastic and Decals...
4.5 / 5


Specified Powerplant Performance...
4.5 / 5

Ground Handling:

Landing Gear, Floats, and Hovering...
4 / 5


Model Impact and Transportation Durability...
4 / 5

Pilot Experience

Flight as Advertised:

Flight Experience As Compared To Marketing
4.5 / 5

Flight Time:

Flight Duration Of Recommended Powerplant
5 / 5

Field Size:

2 Brothers Flying Site Recommendation
Large Park/Field


How Easily The Model Transports Without Damage
4 / 5

Skill Level:

2 Brothers Recommended Skill Level
Beginner - Interm.

Model Specifications

Model Type:

RTF, Tx-R, Rx-R, ARF

Wing Span:

73 in (1855 mm)

Wing Area:

526 in² (33.9 dm²)


29 oz (820 g)

Wing Loading:

AS FLOWN 7.6 oz/sq. ft.


47 in (1195 mm)

Motor Design:

Brushless Outrunner

Volt Range:

3S LiPo (11.1V)


Folding 9X5 Electric



ESC Amperage:


Radio Channels:

4-5 (Optional Flaps)

Included Charger:

DC LiPo Balancing

Included Battery:

3S 11.1V 1300mAh LiPo

Needed Items:

4-5 Channel Tactic Transmitter OR a Tactic AnyLink Module with a compatible transmitter

Street Price:

$199.98 TX-R, $249.99 RTF, 159.99 Rx-R

Special Features:

Tx-R Currently ships with free AnyLink transmitter adapter module for use on most radio system brands

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  1. avatar PRNDL says:

    I’m having a heck of a time trying to trim out this plane. Using the CG call for in the manual the plane constantly want to nose dive….to keep it in level flight I’ve moved the battery as far back as possible but I still have to use a great deal of up elevator trim.

    I’ve read on line that some of these plane need the back of horizontal stab shimmed up to increase the angle of attack. Any help or comment would be appreciated.


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