Avant e700 Mostro DFC Kit Review

Avant Mostro e700
Kurt and Rob take Avant RC’s e700 Mostro kit up for a spin. See how the Avant Mostro e700 performs in their Large Heli 5×5 review!

Intro and Flight Footage
5X5 Review Scoring



Avant’s Mostro is no slouch. Built for competition class performance, Avant designed the Mostro to feel at home going head-to-head with the best pro platforms out there but, to our surprise, it can calm down and provide a stable platform for the advancing pilot or the weekend warrior.

With Avant’s Monoblock design and their extremely well-behaved Rigid Core head design, the Mostro e700 is a Ferrari that you can drive cross-country without needing back surgery once you’ve reached your destination. The Rigid Core head smoothes out the typical kinks of DFC design and gives you a silky, smooth feel not typically associated with DFC. Shoot to the stratosphere and try your luck at inverted autos and the Rigid Core head shines once again by keeping that precious inertia in check so you can spot the skids without so much as cracking an egg.

Check out the videos and see what the real deal is with our take on the Mostro. There’s a negative in there, sure, but you weigh out the pros and cons to see if the Mostro e700 is the next bird to grace your hangar!

2 Brothers Hobby

Avant RC is sold online by a few retailers, including AMAIN.COM, www.amain.com

5X5 Review Scoring

Model Characteristics


Instruction manual accuracy and kit assembly
3.5 / 5


How easily the kit accommodates components
5 / 5

Part Quality:

Fit and quality of the individual parts
4.5 / 5

All Up Weight:

How the weight compares within it's heli class

Model Cost:

Kit cost within it's heli class

Pilot Experience

Flight Characteristics:

Inherent flight performance of the airframe
4.5 / 5

Turn-around Time:

How long it takes to prep for another flight

Performance Range:

Performance capability range of the helicopter

Repair Costs:

Repair costs compared to similar class helicopters

Skill Level:

2 Brothers recommended skill level
Intermediate - Adv.

Model Specifications

Model Type:



12.5 lbs

Main Rotor:


Tail Rotor:


Motor Design:

Brushless Outrunner

Motor Size:


Volt Range:

12S-14S LiPo

ESC Amperage:


Needed Items:

BL Motor, ESC, BEC (optional), Cyclic Servos, Tail Rotor Servo, Flight Batteries, Radio System, FBL Controller, Main Blades, Tail Blades

Street Price:

$948.99 USD (DFC Kit)
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