Ares RC Taylorcraft 130 RTF and Brushless Review

Ares RC Taylorcraft 130
Growing with your micro is truly an option with Ares’ Taylorcraft 130. Start off light and easy with a 3 channel setup and geared 130 motor, then crank up the action with a clipped wing, brushless motor and a lot more power. Kurt and Rob put it all to the test and see if the Taylorcraft can handle the heat in their 5×5 review!

Intro and Flight Footage
5X5 Review Scoring



Out of the box, the Ares RC Taylorcraft 130 is quick and easy to get up in the air. Once aloft, however, this little beast pulled one over on us. Yes, when you review and mess with a slew of aircraft every year you tend to get a little complacent. Not that we expected a BAD experience, we just figured it would be another “good” micro. It has the right size, the right features and airframe layout so we expected it to be one of the many decent ultra micro airplanes on the market. Well, the little Taylorcraft had something else planned for us.

The second we applied power it caught our attention. It drives like a little car on the ground and when the wheels first broke contact we started to grin. After several flights stock and even after installing the Extreme Power brushless upgrade, the Taylorcraft won our hearts and earned a permanent place on (probably Rob’s) studio set. For now it’s in my possession and I’m enjoying flying it over the pond in my back yard. We’ll just have to see how long I can keep it that way! Check out the videos and see why we’re buzzing about the Taylorcraft from Ares RC.
2 Brothers Hobby

Ares RC is distributed by Hobby Town USA,

5X5 Review Scoring

Model Characteristics

Build as Advertised:

Build Instructions and Advertised Difficulty...
5 / 5


Covering, Paint, Plastic and Decals...
4.5 / 5


Specified Powerplant Performance...
4.5 / 5

Ground Handling:

Landing Gear, Floats, and Hovering...
5 / 5


Model Impact and Transportation Durability...
4 / 5

Pilot Experience

Flight as Advertised:

Flight Experience As Compared To Marketing
5 / 5

Flight Time:

Flight Duration Of Recommended Powerplant
5 / 5

Field Size:

2 Brothers Flying Site Recommendation


How Easily The Model Transports Without Damage
3.5 / 5

Skill Level:

2 Brothers Recommended Skill Level
Beginner - Interm.

Model Specifications

Model Type:


Wing Span:

22.2 in (565mm)


1.9 oz (54 g)


16.0 in (405mm)

Motor Design:

Brushless Outrunner

Included Radio System:

4-channel 2.4GHz w/LiPo charger

Included Battery:

200mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo

Street Price:

$99.99 USD

Special Features:

Optional Brushless Upgrade kits (2)
Extreme Power w/2300kv BL Motor, ESC, Prop
High Power w/2000kv BL Motor, ESC, Prop
Optional Clipped Wing/Aileron Servo/Strut Set

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