Happy Heli Holidays Sweepstakes!


This sweepstakes has ended and we thank everyone for their submissions… 

Here are the lucky winners!

J. Clemente – PA Heli-Max Axe CX Nano
G. Vincent – FL Multiplex Funcopter
D. Szulc – NJ $150.00 Hitec Gift Card
K. Miller – IL Ares MD 500D CX 100
J. Wilson – PA Heli-Max Novus N200
M. Burke – WA TP Micro Charging Package W/Batteries
M. Shurtz – WA TP Micro Charging Package W/Batteries
J. Latouche – NH TP Micro Charging Package W/Batteries
J. Innes – UT TP Micro Charging Package W/Batteries
D. Lux – OH TP Micro Charging Package W/Batteries
M. Garza – OH Ares Trainer 100
T. Chernoff – WA Thunder Power TP610C-ACDC

Congratulations Winners!  You should have received an email notifying you of your winning entry and with details of how to claim your prizes.  If not, please let us know ASAP.


Here’s a recap of the great prizes submitted by the generous manufacturers…

Heli-Max Novus N200 FP Helicopter and Axe CX Nano Helicopters

The folks over at Heli-Max are offering up a couple servings of heli happiness this year, starting with their brand new, yet to be released Novus N200 micro helicopter! With an anodized aluminum rotor head, a 450 offset flybar, and a solid Novus heritage, the N200 is one to watch this year. Heck, you’ll get yours before we even get ours! Check out the product page here.

Heli-Max is also chipping in with a little coaxial Axe CX Nano heli, your choice of color: Red, White, Blue or Yellow! See the Axe CX Nano product page here.

Multiplex Funcopter V2 ARF

Here’s something your buddies don’t have: the Funcopter from Multiplex USA! A larger fixed pitch helicopter ideal for skilled fixed wing pilots transitioning to helicopter forward flight, the Funcopter is based on the popular Lite Machines® Helicopters and is Almost Ready to Fly. There’s a bunch of cool features, so check out the product page.

Ares MD 500CX 100 RTF and Ultra-Micro Trainer 100 RTF

Ares has recently jumped into the scene with their lineup of Ultra Micro creations. Boasting a beautiful scale body and some unique features, the MD500D offers great promise to the UM market. If that wasn’t enough, Ares has ALSO thrown in their new Ultra-Micro trainer! This is the Happy “Heli” Holidays after all, but when they asked if it was OK to give away a trainer, we answered on your behalf with a solid, “Yes!”. Hope you don’t mind too much:) The Trainer 100 looks to be an exciting design and a great addition to the UM market as well. Check out the product pages here.

Thunder Power Ultra Micro Charging Packages, with Batteries

Thunder Power has come to the party with not 1, not 2, not even 4…but 5 sets of Charging Packages! Each include the TP103CQ-ACDC charger AND (4) G6 micro batteries! You’ll get the charger, (2) ““ 125mAh 1S Pro Lite 25C Ultra-Micro Batteries and (2) – 160mAh 1S Pro Lite 25C Ultra-Micro Batteries. Thunder Power is also taking care of the bigger heli pilots out there with an amazing TP610C-ACDC 1-6 Cell LiPo Balancing Charger! Handles 6 cell LiPos up to a class-leading 10 Amp charge rate so turning your higher “C” packs around is a lot faster with the TP-610C-ACDC. See the battery page here, the TP103CQ-ACDC product page here, and the TP-610C-ACDC product page here.


Ah, nothing better than getting EXACTLY what you want, right? Well, Hitec got you exactly what you wanted…a $150 gift card! Pick up that new tail rotor servo, a set of cyclic servos, an Optima Rx, a telemetry kit, whatever suits your fancy! Better head on over to Hitec and start putting your list together, just in case…

Happy New Year from all of us at 2 Brothers Hobby!

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