KDE Direct 2306XF

power sys

Performance Racing Motors/Electronics !!

The FPV-Racing community continues to grow exponentially, and new race-competitions are showing up worldwide for the new exciting segment of the industry.  KDE Direct continues to lead the market in world-class technology, and we’re proud to release the high-performance KDEPSK-2306-FPV Power System Kit.  There are no compromises in the kit, each component was specifically designed for the utmost level of brushless technology and quality to gain advantage over the competition.  Designed as a light-weight and high-thrust alternative to a much-heavier 2208-series motor, the new KDE2306XF-2050 is sure to dominate the market – features such as 240° Polyimide mil-spec windings, N45UH sintered magnets, and universal mounting pattern are just a few of the latest technologies and quality aspects.

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