Flyzone Calypso EP Glider


Smooth and forgiving, the 4-5 channel Flyzone Calypso EP Glider excels as a first electric sailplane. Experienced glider pilots will also enjoy its wide range of soaring performance – and can elect to use the flap option (requiring a linkage set sold separately) for advanced thermal chasing. Two versions of the Calypso are available, in varying degrees of completeness and convenience to match any pilot’s needs: fully equipped Ready-to-Fly (RTF); and Transmitter-Ready (Tx-R™), with an installed SLT™ receiver that can be controlled with AnyLink™ using almost any flight transmitter the pilot already owns. All include a factory-installed brushless power system and take only a screwdriver for final assembly.

Made of durable AeroCell™ foam, the Calypso features a two-piece wing that removes easily for transport, with independent aileron servos that allow mixing. The tail assembles and aligns by tightening just one screw. Factory-finished with a bold green and black trim, the Calypso is easy to track at high altitudes. Enjoy easy hand launches and long flight times with brushless power…take advantage of the wheel and skid plates for grass for runway landings.


  •  Durable AeroCell™ foam construction
  •  Brushless power system is factory-installed
  •  Very low overall parts count ““ just five main pieces!
  •  Two-piece wing removes easily for transport
  •  No glue required ““ only a Phillips screwdriver
  •  Large on-board compartment accepts a variety of batteries
  •  Bold green and black trim scheme stands out in high altitudes
  •  Includes landing wheel plus nose and tail skid plates


Wingspan: 73 in (1855 mm)
Wing Area: 526 in² (33.9 dm²)
Length: 47 in (1195 mm)
RTF Weight: 29 oz (820 g)


Calypso RTF:
The RTF offers “all-in-one” convenience!
Includes: Tactic™ 4-channel TTX400 2.4GHz radio, brushless power system with outrunner motor and 18A ESC, 11.1V 15C 1300mAh LiPo battery, balancing charger and (4) “AA” batteries.
RTF requires: Nothing

Calypso Tx-R™:
The Transmitter-Ready model lets pilots fly with their favorite transmitter!
Includes: Brushless power system with outrunner motor and 18A ESC, receiver compatible with AnyLink™, 4 micro servos, 11.1V 15C 1300mAh LiPo battery and balancing charger.
Tx-R requires: AnyLink and compatible 4-5 channel transmitter, or a Tactic™ 2.4GHz transmitter with SLT™.


Calypso EP Glider RTF
Retail: $299.99 Street: $249.99

Calypso EP Glider Tx-R
Retail: $249.99 Street: $199.99

The Calypso gliders will be available late June.





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