Basic Simulators

ClearView RC Flight Simulator

by SVK Systems

ClearView is an open source simulator that has grown in popularity. ClearView has an excellent support group both directly on their website and through the forum. A lot of user submitted models are available that were developed in either ac3d or blender and also imported from FMS. ClearView is a very community friendly simulator and works with a wide range of transmitters (with a proper interface cable) and even PC gamepads and the keyboard.

ClearView comes pre-loaded with 40 helicopters, 40 planes, and 10 photo-based flying sites.

Models and textures tend to be less complex but the audio does have Doppler effects and you can even fly from water. If you’re into the open source-type community application, ClearView is a great solution. The physics model is effective and you will experience a versatile simulation experience from ClearView, for a lot less money.

Multiplayer support, Magic Time Wizard (slows time), flight recording, and recorded flight paths makes this “basic” simulator rather advanced. With some corporate cash behind it, ClearView could be a serious competitor with the larger packages out there…but then it wouldn’t be what it is: A great, lower cost, community friendly simulator.

ClearView offers a free demo for you to try so if you are interested, check out the link below.

The ClearView website is at:


Flying Model Simulator (FMS)

By Roman & Michael Möller

FMS is freeware developed originally for DOS. The latest development information is captured on the product website forums. People from around the world have used and are pulling FMS forward even into the latest version, Alpha 8.5 for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

This is a basic, freeware-based simulator that does not offer a wide range of controller support. It does, however, offer a strong grassroots community behind it that enjoys pulling the application along. If you are a PC nut and enjoy making stuff “work”, stop on by the FMS website and pull up a chair at the forum and start reading.

FMS features collision detection, multiple models and several flying landscapes, adjustable thermals, vario display for sailplanes, chase mode, radio and joystick calibration, and full screen mode for unobstructed flying.

It’s because of work like this from Michael and Roman that ensures everybody can get into this hobby and afford the extreme entertainment it can provide. You don’t need a fat wallet to build something and make it fly and anybody with a PC can benefit from an affordable simulator. Thanks guys!

The FMS web site link is:

2 Responses to Basic Simulators

  1. avatar balticS2 says:

    Wanted a basic simulator to help me graduate from 10 second flights….
    Tried both Clearview and FMS
    Clearview was very straightforward. Just needed channels re-numbering to match my TX. Graphics are good. Worked well.
    FMS needed a little more work, but not much. Needed several goes at calibrating the TX then realised from the results I was getting that I also needed to reverse the servos. Once that was sorted I found it very good and was surprised how much I learned in the course of last evening, notably about the relationship between aileron and elevator in turns.
    Can now manage about three minutes before confusion gets the better of me.
    As I say, Clearview is a well polished product that works well. However, FMS is remarkable for freeware and meets my needs for a basic learning tool.

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