Flight Simulators

by Kurt Gornek
Of all the passionate debates in the hobby industry, “Which simulator is the best” has to be up in the Top 10. As far as 2 Brothers is concerned: It doesn’t matter! Hang in there though as I am sure we’ll say something that makes each and every one of the purists a little annoyed. The fact is, we all have an opinion and I certainly have my preference but lets peel back some of the hype and try to focus in on the reason these things were created in the first place.

RC Flight simulators are, in my mind, a training tool meant to help me fly the real thing better! Some simulators have gone far beyond RC simulation and added an arcade game list of features including First Person View, Chase Mode and dog fighting with weapons.

While some of these features may help a beginner better understand the physics behind flight, they do little for helping you fly your model from a fixed position on the ground. Granted, the simulator market is flooded with competition and there are even free simulators out there so seeing the products evolve into something bigger and better is a good thing, right? We all benefit from fierce competition, but when the dust settles have we improved our flying or just bought a more expensive version of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (without the exciting missions) that uses an RC transmitter instead of a joystick? Maybe.

Let’s begin by listing some of the common simulators you’ll find in your search:

There are more simulators out there and these were chosen more by search engine popularity than specific features. Feel free to click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page if we’ve snubbed your favorite simulator and we’ll add it to the article!

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  1. avatar kdahlhaus says:

    There is a new, free flight-simulator that is very nice called R/C Desk Pilot.

    Home Page is at http://rcdeskpilot.com/
    and a discussion thread is at: http://goo.gl/flwdq

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