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ATTENTION!! If you are encountering any problems with RCFS crashing to desktop, select the “Clear Cache” option in the main screen Information page. Cache files may become corrupt when RCFS sits in the background for an extended period of time.

V1.2.2 Release Notes:

  • Fixed bug causing the Field Locator to *crash on some devices
  • General device compatibility patches

*Note: If you are still experiencing problems with the Field Locator, reboot the device after installing the 1.2.2 update.

V1.2.1 Release Notes:

  • Switched from external map call function to internal iOS maps in Field Locator
  • Caching improvements
  • Compatibility update
  • Bug fixes

V1.2 Release Notes:

  • Gas & Oil Mix calculator with Volumetric Change
  • Byron Fuels® Glow Fuel Guide
  • Drill Index – US/Metric, Numbered, Lettered, Fractional, Decimal
  • Wing Cube Loading Calculator
  • Field Locator updates
  • iOS 6.x and iPhone 5 compatibility
  • User Interface updates
  • Removed ad zones on paid tools
  • Updated ad zones on free tools to be less intrusive

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RC Flight Source iPhone® App

Take your favorite RC flight resource with you in your back pocket, always ready, always current. Besides, it fits a lot better than a rolled-up magazine and it’s always up-to-date! RC Flight Source is the definitive RC flight resource for weekend warriors and pros alike. Get your latest news, reviews, workshops and keep your tools handy wherever you go.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve included Du-Bro’s revolutionary new Visual Parts Locator (V1.1 release), so you can find the parts you need, upload, share, and repair before you can type in www.blah blah blah! Looking for a club near you or an airfield to sharpen your skills? The Academy of Model Aeronautics is on-board with their exclusive Field Locator and member benefits. Yep, we thought of everything… get it on the App Store, September 9th, 2011!

Flight News

Look no further than your back pocket for all the latest happenings in RC flight. Much more than mere “product releases”, our news brings you everything from opinions from the pros, editorial features, and even the latest competition results from around the world. Oh, and to sweeten the deal, write for RCFS and we’ll pay you cash, not once, but for the life* of the article!


There are “photo ops”, there are “shine jobs”, and there are reviews. Actual reviews that talk about the things we like, the things we don’t like and what your first experience with the model will most probably entail (if you’re a mere mortal like us). Reviews for YOU, not the manufacturers. What a concept.


“Just insert the rotary socket decoupler through the lateral torsion flange, but don’t overtighten the inertial dampeners.” They’re engineers, give “˜em a break. They don’t think like we do (fortunately). Our How To guides will translate “engineer-ese” into “hobby-ese” and make simple work of your torsion flanges…while preserving your phalanges.


No, we can’t turn your phone into a wrench, but we can help you pick motors, batteries, props, wires, electronic speed controls, and charger settings (to name a few). Tools that work offline so you’re never stuck at the field trying to remember the pythagorean theorum before the sun sets and your day is shot.

Field Locator

They’ve been playing with airplanes longer than we’ve existed. They’ve also been educating, legislating, organizing, and competing just as long, so when we looked to partner with the leading model aircraft organization, it was a no-brainer. With member benefits too vast to list here, the Academy of Model Aeronautics brings you the Flying Field Locator, Member Services and all the other “essentials”.

Parts Locator (V1.1)

You just broke it. Your pride and joy. Now you have to fix it. With the incredibly simple Visual Parts Locator from Du-Bro, chances are the fix is in your pocket. With customizable material lists you can share with your buddies, you’ll be the go-to guy for all their mishaps, less than perfect landings, and full-stops that should have been go-arounds. RC aircraft repairs are now easier than ever!

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