Thunder Power RC Charger Calibration

Thunder Power Charger Calibration
Learn how to calibrate your TP820CD or TP1430C RC Battery Chargers.

Charger Calibration Workshop Video


What You’ll Need:

  • TP820CD or TP1430C battery charger
  • 12-30VDC power source
  • DC Voltage Meter, accurate to 1mV
  • Latest firmware installed
  • LiPo battery with balancing leads

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of electrical principles (See the Knowledgebase sections Flight Batteries and Battery Chargers for related information and preparatory reading).
Builder’s Skill Level: Novice

Visit the Thunder Power RC website for more information about the TP1430C and TP820CD chargers and charging accessories.


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4 Responses to Thunder Power RC Charger Calibration

  1. avatar cook71 says:

    Hi can you post a video or schematics on how to build the cable that connects the board to the BR3000?

    • avatar Kurt Gornek says:

      Hi cook71, we just carried pin 1 to pin 1 and so on to another cable. We soldered our extension cable to the back of the board from the nearest XH header since there’s more room than on a TP/FP connector. I’b be a little hesitant to recommend it since it’s pretty easy to short leads between pins and that would be catastrophic when you plugged in a balancing lead. Proceed at your own risk! If you do make your own, triple check the connection, verify polarity, and use a continuity checker to make sure nothing shorted.

  2. avatar papohonda says:

    Hello Friends. When I do the calibration of tp820cd As you explain in the video. Calibrate each cell for .1mv and then turn off the charger at the end. When I turn back I’ll calibration manual check and I get the same values ​​of 2 digits not 3. I’m doing wrong? Or tp820cd not show the 3 digit voltage only does tp430c? Please you appreciate their help. Thank you.

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