Hitec Telemetry Workshop Series

Hitec Telemetry
Learn everything you’ll need to know about installing and operating Hitec’s full line of telemetry products in our 3 part video workshop series…



Prerequisite: Basic understanding of electrical principles (See the Knowledgebase sections Flight Batteries and Battery Chargers for related information and preparatory reading) and a basic understanding of radio system setup and operation (See the Knowledgebase section Radio Systems for related information and preparatory reading)
Builder’s Skill Level: Novice

Visit the Hitec RCD website for more information about their full line of telemetry products and compatible radio systems, available firmware updates and accessories.


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  1. avatar alan666 says:

    Hi every body
    I have just purchased the telemetry set I am installing into a largeish glider and not all bits are long enough (cable) for where I would like to mount certain bits. My question is, is there any way to make them longer.

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