Hitec Receiver SPC Port Wiring Clinic

SPC Port
If you own a Hitec Optima receiver and haven’t taken advantage of the SPC port, what are you waiting for?! It’s one of the easiest and most beneficial features of the receiver and allows you to monitor your main pack voltage in real-time, long before the ESC hits low voltage cutoff. Watch our quick workshop clinic and start taking advantage of this amazing feature right now!

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of electrical principles (See the Knowledgebase sections Flight Batteries and Battery Chargers for related information and preparatory reading) and a basic understanding of radio system setup and operation (See the Knowledgebase section Radio Systems for related information and preparatory reading)
Builder’s Skill Level: Novice

Visit the Hitec RCD website for more information about their full line of radio system products and accessories.


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