Ares RC P-51D Mustang 350 RTF Assembly

P-51D Mustang Assembly
Learn how to quickly assemble your new Ares RC P-51D Mustang 350 in this assembly video. Available in RTF and RFR versions, you’ll spend more time flying and less time on the bench. The Ares P-51D Mustang 350 is recommended for intermediate pilots who have mastered basic 4-channel piloting skills.


P-51D Mustang 350 RTF Assembly


What You’ll Need:

RTF Version

  • Adjustable wrench for prop installation

RFR Version

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of radio systems and LiPo batteries (See the Knowledgebase sections Flight Batteries and Radio Systems for related information and preparatory reading).
Builder’s Skill Level: Novice
Pilot Skill Level: Intermediate

Visit the Product Page for more information about the Ares RC P-51D Mustang, available parts and accessories.


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