RC Flying Clubs and Organizations

Experiencing RC flight to it’s fullest means getting the most out of every day at the field, park, backyard, or wherever you like to fly.  If you’re flying anything larger than a micro, chances are you’ve been “run off” from your local park by ball games, parties, or other activities.  So why not try a real RC airfield?

Besides the camaraderie, flying at an RC club with a membership to your local or national flying organization means you have not only a great flying facility at your disposal, but you are also flying with protection.  Many organizations include flying insurance with your membership, so just in case of a mishap you have peace of mind knowing that you can put the pieces together and get back in the air without having to buy someone a new Lexus first.


For our U.S. visitors, you’ll be pleased to know that 2 Brothers Hobby has partnered with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) so any recommendations or guidance you get from us won’t conflict with the guidelines, rules, and safety measures established by the AMA.  The AMA offers far too many benefits to list here, so we’ll step out of the way and let the professionals fill you in. Visit the AMA to get started with your membership today..it’s affordable, educational and fun!


“An organization of many, a voice of one”. The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association stepped up to assume the role of ambassador to the RC heli world. No small task! We all know heli’s are temperamental creatures and the folks over at IRCHA are doing their best to tame them. Traveling around the country presenting educational seminars and answering a million questions is just the beginning, the annual IRCHA Jamboree is a veritable who’s who of RC helicopters.

Held annually in Muncie, IN at the AMA headquarters, the Jamboree helps define the next year’s evolution in helicopter technology and piloting techniques. If you’re into RC helicopters, head over to the IRCHA website and introduce yourself. Dave and the fine people of IRCHA are there to help. Seriously, they’re some of the nicest, most helpful people you’ll encounter, so you have no excuses. Stop reading and click!

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