The Brothers behind 2 Brothers…

by Kurt Gornek

Kurt and Rob. The name “2 Brothers” seemed fitting since the entire concept was born from several phone conversations, over a particularly harsh winter in Ohio, between me and my brother Rob.

I attended Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, OK in an early pursuit of my aviation career.  As a kid, I had a few rough and tumble experiences with RC flight, resulting in a bunch of little tiny pieces of balsa wood. I remained fascinated by the hobby but the learning curve was pretty steep unless I committed to a buddy box and an instructor and a lot of patience I just didn’t have as a kid.  Family priorities soon took over and I abandoned any attempts of actually mastering RC flight.  I ended up in executive management and business development but never lost my passion for RC.  Helicopters, airplanes, electronic add-ons, radio systems, motors, batteries, and just about anything technical caught my attention.

I returned to RC flight a number of years ago while living in Florida. The calm mornings and evenings made for perfect flying conditions almost every day. The industry had also developed so many new ways of learning without the pains of destroying model after model or making special arrangements to fly with an instructor.  Needless to say, 20+ planes and a dozen helicopters later I starting giving planes away to my brother to make room for more. I was hooked. I learned on simulators and graduated to successful forward helicopter flight without a single loss!

Throughout the electric RC acclimation process, I was forced to bounce around to multiple web sites, dig through forums, and talk to just about anyone I could find to get my questions answered. What seemed to be missing was a simple, straight answer for many of the common questions. One thing this hobby has never been short on is opinions; some founded on facts, most based on hearsay and forum talk.

I once heard someone say, “forums give a voice to the people who have no idea what they are talking about.”  I sometimes have to agree but just like many of you, I’ve found some great information on forums…after digging through many responses and dead threads.

2 Brothers was created so our industry and our beloved hobby could have a central body of shared knowledge for all the foundational information that enthusiasts need to fly. Our goal is to be the best resource for factual information regarding flight technology, flying and building skill development, product reviews and hobby news. Our body of information is not derived from forums but from the manufacturers and experts themselves; the designers, the engineers and the manufacturing people behind the models we fly and the equipment we use.

Your participation is encouraged and always welcomed. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to… Ask 2!

Our Mission Statement

2 Brothers Hobby exists to promote RC model flight and model construction and to house and provide, free of charge, a central body of shared knowledge for the electric RC flight community.

We are not bound by any manufacturer, distributor, or retailer and are governed independent of the RC industry. Our alliance to the hobbyist and our pursuit of mainstream proliferation of electric RC flight is our number one priority. Our fair and qualified assessment of manufacturer’s products must never be compromised.  2 Brother’s is committed to exploring new ways to test, analyze and classify the products and components made available to the consumer and must always accurately represent the voice of the manufacturer and the hobbyist alike. Our purpose is to learn and share that knowledge with others. Everyone associated with 2 Brothers must have working knowledge of RC flight and must be able to fly themselves. Every element of the organization must exist to the benefit of the industry and in the pursuit of knowledge.

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